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​​ Q: I heard the beeps and turned the lock, but the latch was not engaged.

Q: I heard the beeps and turned the lock, but the latch was not engaged.
A: Not all FOUR batteries were placed (+/-) correctly. If one of the four batteries were NOT placed correctly, they still can power up the lights and generate beeps, but not the mechanical latch.
Q: When I enter the correct code, the lock beeps but the outside knob won't turn the latch assembly.
A: This is NOT a "deadbolt" and the lock was designed to "open" when you TURN the outside knob WHILE it is BEEPING!

Q: I forgot the master code. How do I reset back to manufacturer default?
A: There is a small black button next to the battery plug (on the back of the battery box) - refer to the picture below. Press and hold this black button (about five seconds) until you hear "beeps." Then, the manufacturer default master code "0123#" is reset.

Q: Are SoHoMiLL knobs weather proof?
A: No. While SoHoMiLL knobs are designed for operational temperature from 6-degree F to 102-degree F in outdoor and indoor applications, it is recommended to be under a porch or some kind of overhead cover, and it should NOT DIRECTLY be exposed to heavy rains or accumulated snow or melting ice.
Q: Can I leave the lock unlocked all the time?
A: No. For security reasons, the lock was designed to be back to "lock" position within three seconds automatically after a correct code is entered. This security feature will avoid "forgot-to-lock" after every entry. However, if you need to open/close frequently without the need for security, you can consider setting up "passage mode" with one-key touch open without entering an access code. You may also use "Latch Stopper."
Q: (YL-99 A, previous model ONLY) where do I plug in the backup battery box / cable-jumper?
A: There is a small plug underneath the knob (keypad side) for backup battery box and cable jumper (both included) to plug in - please refer to photo below. Please keep four AAA batteries in the backup battery box "outside" for emergency - if you decide to IGNORE the "battery low warning!"
Q: How can I turn off the beep sound?
​A:  The lock does not have a switch to turn off the beep sound. Some customers told us that to lower the volume they used sticky tapes to cover the holes on the lock or even use silicon glue to seal them off. But we definitely do NOT recommend this as the beeps are designed to not only provide a security alert for every access attempt, but also function as low battery level warning when the batteries inside are about to run out.
Q: The battery box is overheating.
A: Not all FOUR batteries were placed (+/-) correctly. 
Q: After entering my codes, I heard three quick beeps.
A: One of the batteries is running low, or one of the batteries is NOT placed correctly (+/- ). 
Q: I accidentally pulled these three battery cables out of the jumper plug. What is the correct order when I put them back in?
A: Please review photo below for your reference. Turn to the back of the battery box. If the "black button" on the right (the button to reset default master code), the jumper plug should be on the left. The correct order of these three battery cables from left to right should be "red" > "black" > "yellow."