1). The most common error is battery related. Please use FOUR new batteries: two in top compartment, and two in bottom compartment,         

      and make sure they are placed correctly, according to "+/-" markings, in the battery box.

2). To avoid locking yourself out, please, Please and PLEASE: TEST & WRITE-DOWN your own Master Code
      BEFORE installing the lock on the door! 

3). The most common error (misunderstanding / mis-operation): To unlock, you need to TURN the outside Knob (keypad) WITHIN 3-second to retract the latch
      WHILE the long beep ON !!! (after pressing a correct code - this is NOT a deadbolt ).  Again, TURN the keypad knob while the long beep on !!!

                                                                                                                        ... please read further for FAQs

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Watch Out for KnockOffs!!!

BEFORE  your installation, PLEASE read these 1), 2) & 3) and

they will SAVE  you a lot of time:​

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