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Questions or Feedback? We'd Love to Hear from YOU!​
If you purchased the lock, here is the checklist to go through:

1. are you using FOUR, not two, brand new batteries: weak batteries even though light up the keypad, they can't drive and allow the mechanic latch to retract?
2. are all FOUR batteries placed correctly: +/- poles according to the markings, inside the battery module?
3. is there any spring wire accidentally crossed each other inside the battery module that you can see - the rubber to insulate the wire may be worn off during installation - to cause a short circuit?
4. did you try to re-set the factory default back to "0123#" ?
5. when you press a factory default master code "0123#" ... did you see the LED indicator on top of the keypad (on top of number-2 key) turn to green from blue?
6. did you try to use the backup battery pack to jump start-unlock through the small hole under the keypad knob

PLEASE email your feedback (Y-N answers) on ALL 1 to 6 from the checklist to us. This will speed up the process to help you. If not, We will send more email to ask you anyway.  

If you had purchased our locks, PLEASE kindly email us a screenshot of your invoice (ctrl+P on your PC, or simply take a photo of your invoice). If we have NOT received your invoice, as proof of purchases, we may NOT take on some other companies' responsibilities to reply your email.

Email us:
 we will get back to you within 48 hours!